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About us

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Blackdog Bar&Grill is a living restaurant in the center of Beroun. We prepare for our guests carefully compiled seasonal menus of primarily North and Latin American cuisine, focused on real burgers, Tex-Mex, and authentic Texas BBQ. Our bar offers Holba beer from Hanušovice in the Jeseníky Mountains, a regularly changing selection of craft beers from small breweries, quality wine from small winemakers, and excellent La Bohéme coffee. You can feel the pleasant atmosphere inside our restaurant, on our peaceful terrace or non-smoking veranda, or even in a separate room designated for private parties.

Everything at Blackdog Bar&Grill revolves around our slogan:

“Life’s too short to eat bad food.”

Our History

In 2010 we opened a stand in Beroun with “a little bit different fast food.” We offered Beroun diners an original assortment of Mexican fast food like burritos, quesadillas, nachos, etc., and primarily a selection of quality gourmet burgers. Scott Van Wagenen, Blackdog’s executive chef originally from New York City, has from the very beginning taken care to select premium ingredients and original recipes. We proved that even in just a few square meters one can prepare food interesting enough to attract people from a large surrounding area. Our burgers very quickly became synonymous with quality and an honest piece of meat in a delicious bun for a good price.

A year later we opened a small bistro-style restaurant called Blackdog Cantina. We expanded our assortment to include more Mexican dishes, a daily menu, and quality steaks and began to support small breweries. We continued with the same concept focused on quality ingredients, original recipes, home-cooking, and most importantly customer satisfaction. We received numerous awards for our efforts, and particularly during the summer season we were regularly bombarded by frequent guests, not only from Beroun, but from all over Bohemia.

At the beginning of 2014 we gathered our courage and took advantage of an offer to move into a beautiful facility a few steps away from the main square in Beroun. We decided not only to move to the long awaited larger facility, but also to expand our whole concept to include warm and cold tapas, and a wider selection of burgers and Tex-Mex specialties. That same year we decided to focus on increasingly popular smoked specialties in the style of a genuine Texas BBQ. We put a custom-made smokehouse with a grill on our terrace and several times a week smoked BBQ specialties right before our customers’ eyes for our main menu and seasonal specials.

Our Policy

  • fresh ingredients
  • no frozen, prefab food
  • no MSG, preservatives, instant ingredients, or artificial flavors
  • carefully chosen suppliers
  • traditional recipes
  • home cooking
  • fair portions


Our menu is focused primarily on North and Latin American cuisine. We prepare our food using only fresh, quality ingredients from carefully selected and, when possible, local suppliers. In the summer we take advantage of opportunities to get, for example, fresh vegetables from small local growers; in our cuisine we only use fish from local Czech waters. On our main menu you’ll find gourmet burgers from quality Czech beef, a seasonal selection of tapas, steaks, salads, and housemade desserts.

We’ve carefully chosen our selection of domestic and foreign wines, spirits, and nonalcoholic drinks. Guests enjoy natural organic fruit juices and nectars, housemade lemonades, traditional and fresh fruit teas, La Bohéme coffee, and special Vietnamese coffee. Every week we change our selection of craft beers from small breweries. We always serve beer from the Moravian brewery Holba on tap. Our wine cellar is full of Czech and foreign wines from quality, and when possible, small family wineries.

We’re looking forward to your visit!


Blackdog Team




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Blackdog Bar&Grill
Česká 140, 266 01 Beroun  

+420 773 380 280

Po - Čt / Ne 11:00 - 22:00
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